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it matters little to us [entries|friends|calendar]
as long as we're together at the end

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I didn't write last night like I should have. [29 Jul 2009|11:55pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

You didn't call last night. That was the second night out of all of them so far that you didn't call. Today you explained that you didn't feel good, which was fine but I was worried about you. Yesterday wasn't all that awesome anyway, I just went and got Bo after work and bathed him and he slept in the bed with me all night. Today I slaved over shrimp and my hands are killing me, only to face the same fate tomorrow. I cleaned the house a little today, and I'll be going back tomorrow to do more for as long as I can stand it.

Only two days left now and I'm more anxious than ever. Hopefully I'll get to the bank tomorrow morning and will be able to give you some cash to spend in Vegas. I can't spare much this time, but I'll give you what I can. I have to make sure I can actually drive to Lake Charles to get you-- and I have to make sure I can buy your ribs that you want for dinner as well as the shake n bake if I don't have them at the house.

-Sighs- I think I am going to bed now. I love you so much. I can't wait to see you again.

beckon once again.

4 days left. WHOO! [28 Jul 2009|01:17am]
[ mood | tired ]

Today was an interesting day. Got up, deposited money into the account, bought foggers and your birthday cake stuff... Then went out to the house and moved the rats outside and fed the dogs. Then I set off the foggers and went over to the restaurant and woke up Grace and she said she was going to Port Arthur today to get shrimp.

So off we went with Logan who pouted the entire way to Beaumont until Grace said she was gonna take him to Toys R Us. He got a really awesome Ironman toy and was occupied the entire way to Port Arthur and back again until we got to Lumberton. We stopped there and Logan played at the water park for a little while, then we started back home and stopped again at WalMart in Silsbee. Grace got Eric's cake and his birthday gift and I got your birthday gift and my belly ring and we left. We got back to the restaurant at 10:30pm which was a lot later than we expected, but we fiddle-farted around for most of the day. I think Grace needed it more than I did.

But anyway, I went to our house and checked the rats and the house and the house still has fleas in it and the rats are all back inside. I checked on the dogs again and Bo was nowhere in sight. I'm gonna look for him tomorrow, hopefully things will be dry and he will be out laying in the sun when I go lookin' for him. I think he was hiding today because it was rainy. I wanna give him a bath and bring him with me to come get you.

As for now I'm off to bed since I have to work at 10am tomorrow and want to get moving pretty early so I can stop on the way and buy some cigarettes.

I love you and I can't wait to see you again.

Goodnight, love.

beckon once again.

Only 5 days left now. [27 Jul 2009|02:56am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, it rained today so I wasn't able to go to the house to fog the place like I had intended. It's almost 3am right now so I'm really going to be pushing my limits tomorrow to get shit done. With only 5 days left now, time seems to be slipping away for all of the things I have left to do. Unfortunately I can't find anyone to detail the truck for us, so I'm going to do my best job to get it done. I also have to stop in town tomorrow to buy your cake mix as well as the foggers and food coloring, with a stop at the bank and the water company first. Then on my way back home I hopefully will be able to stop at the tire place to get Nubby to look at the truck and possibly fill the radiator with water or whatever needs to be done since I'm no mechanic and that's what you say needs to be done. Maybe he can also change out the front tire. You know, come to think of it, it seems like both front tires are a bit low. So I may have him look at both of the front tires. Who knows. That's if I have time-- otherwise I'll stick to airing this one up until you get home. Hopefully I'll be safe.

Tuesday I'm going to talk to Grace about driving her truck to go get you on Saturday so I don't have to take our truck which would be awesome. However, you said we would have one extra-- though there would be room in her truck... The extra wouldn't be for too long, so I don't see the problem there. If Grace doesn't come, I will give Bo a bath and bring him with me Saturday. I have a hellacious to-do list before you get back, and I've got my fingers crossed that everything will be perfect for you when you get home. -Sighs- I don't want to let you down.

As for your birthday, I am going to talk to Grace about it on Tuesday to see if we can have it at the restaurant on Sunday. If she says yes, we'll be going over there after the buffet for you to have cake and get birthday cards and such from Grace and Logan and myself of course. I have no idea who else I'd invite aside from your brothel of girls that work at the restaurant. ;) Or it could just be me and you, and we could do something special. Or you could have both. I haven't decided what I want to do yet, but I think I have plenty of time right now to mull it over.

When you get home, or rather, to grandma's... The place will be decorated. You can use your imagination as to how it's going to look. I have a lot to do in order to make it look just the way I have in envisioned before you get here. Streamers (maybe), balloons (probably) and romance (definately). I can't honestly say there will be anything different than the usual pampering that you're used to, aside from the huge bathtub that your dirty butt is going to get thrown into when you walk in the door. HAHA. -Bites her lip- I definately hate this seperation time and hope it doesn't happen too frequently anymore. Although the pay is good, it doesn't last for very long. This I know.

I am going to deposit as much money in the bank as I feel I can spare tomorrow, just to make sure that you have what you need when you are coming home. I pray that everything goes well for me for the next five days so I can get everything done that I need to do. Being on that side of town anyway because of work will make it easier for me to work over there to make sure the house is clean and spotless. Well, maybe not spotless. I'm going to give it my best go though. I think the bedroom's mess is the most important comparitively to the rest of the house-- although the rest of the house seems to be in pretty good condition right now. I just have to figure out how to get rid of all of the fucking dust that has accumulated on the media center in the living room. It's always ridiculous. I guess we need to keep the animals out of the house more frequently, to keep the dust and hair down to a manageable level. Grandma's house is dusty but not as bad as our house. I know it's because of the animals. Perhaps I should rethink the rat situation also, and part with the ones we can bear to part with. Including the cages, which I could sell as cabinets or even a cage if someone wanted them. We could sell the wire cages we have and be done with it. Including the undeniable smell of small critters in the house. After Aneya, Nayeli, Dumbo, and Blondie passed away-- I dunno, things have been different. I know this, you know this, we've both recognized it. Although I do love Rhiannon, Lily, Delilah, and the new Dumbo (Kilala) as well as Simba, Tux, and Biscuit... Perhaps we should just stop trying to raise animals and focus on each other.

I am going to sell Jasper to the first person interested, even if it means practically giving him away. I think it is possible that if we got the girls all spayed that we could let the boys run free more often and come and go out of the house as they pleased. I think it would stop a lot of the fighting not to have girls in heat all the time. Levi looks like he is gaining weight, just fyi. Ju Ju looks like he is, too. And I don't know what to do about Tag's fur. He looks naked. I wanted to clean out their kennel the other day while I was there but couldn't find the rake or I would have done it. I guess I'll look again tomorrow while I'm there.

There is a lot that needs to be discussed between the two of us when you get home. I suppose we'll talk about it then.

For now, I am going to get my alarm and move it to grandma's room where I have been sleeping the past few nights and get some rest. It is even closer now to 3am than it was when I started and I'm feeling the onset of dead exhaustion.

I love you, goodnight, and I will see you soon.

beckon once again.

So forgetful. [25 Jul 2009|11:50pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I didn't write for yesterday because I didn't remember until I was already in bed. I'm sorry. Yesterday wasn't really that awesome, anyway. I went out to the house yesterday and discovered we have a flea infestation, so tomorrow I'm going out there to bomb the place. Fun fun. But today was not so great, either. Bun Bun got eated by something, prolly a fox... So I went and got a new Bun Bun today. :\ I'm sad about that, but there was nothing more I could do than to get a new one.

I am a little sad that we haven't gotten to talk much today, but I'm doing good because I'm feeling better now and there's less than a week left until you come home. I cleaned my grandma's bathroom today and did a few things around here. I gotta feed the dogs again before I go to sleep.

I'm just chillin out right now waiting for you to call tonight, wondering how your day has gone. There's a dog show on TV tonight and I'm watching it, though it is more background noise than anything else. I only glance at it now and then, just to look at it and see the dogs. There's a really ugly Greyhound competing in the Hound group tonight. Blech.

-Yawns- The Borzoi is nice though. Heh. Well, I put up three litters today at the NCC. I have only gotten two applications so far, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully Jen will be back soon so I can adopt out the Bouviers. I see the Plott Hound is in this show... Hmm... Imagine the day that Catahoulas are in the AKC... >_> I know I just said a cuss word. lol This Plott is nice, it looks like Celesta's mom's Catahoula. Brindle with a black saddle. Ch. CCH Black Monday-- the first Plott to get Ch. title, the first Plott group winner, and the first/only all breed best in show winner.

Oh and Kiss got her Champion title tonight. She got it through winning BPIS again, which I'm not complaining about. I'm definately going to show her after she is an adult to see if she can get BIS. :)

So I'm gonna sign offa here for tonight and wait for you to call and just watch the dog show.

I love you. Goodnight.

beckon once again.

Eight Days Left-- Oh joy oh joy [24 Jul 2009|01:04am]
Today I woke up sick. Joy and rapture. Chest congestion, nasal stuffage, headaches, earaches, you name it, I had it. Except nausea. I only smoked one cigarette today, that's how bad I felt. And then after talking to you for a little while, we had a fight and things escalated to an unhealthy point. We desperately need to stop doing that. I hate it, you hate it, and it's not good.

I promise I'll try to make things good again, for as long as you're trying. I'll be there because I don't want to lose you, I don't want to be without you.

One of my dogs in K9, the new one, Kiss... She has been in two shows, has 2/3 required shows necessary to get her Ch. as well as two major wins, and all 10 points, and she got Best Puppy In Show (BPIS) tonight. I'm anticipating that the way her career is going now, she will Ch. tomorrow when she is 9 months old and will eventually get a BIS when she is an adult. I'm proud of her accomplishments, especially considering she's only been in two shows and both of them have earned her a massive amount of points.

I'm gonna go to sleep now, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you so much, I don't want you to ever forget that. I need you in my life and will do whatever it takes to prove that to you. Please be safe and just keep reminding yourself that there's only 8 more days left until you get to come home.

Goodnight my baby.
beckon once again.

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